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★★★★★ - Verses iPhone App - Apple

Enjoy my review! Awesome app, totally worth the money. Link: ☆ Original review from ...

Scripture Typer - Bible Memory App

Scripture Typer is the world's most advanced Bible memory system. This is the fastest, easiest way to memorize and organize your favorite Bible memory verses ...

MemLok Bible memory system app for Apple Android

37 sec.

App Remember Me Review

This is a review of the Bible memory app Remember Me. The Android version is shown here, but it's also available on iOS. Here's the app's web site: ...

Scripture Typer Bible Memory App Demo

Learn how to use the Scripture Typer Bible Memory app with this informative demo.

Mobile Scripture memory verses memorize with MemLok Bible

Review memory verses on your iPad, iPhone, Blackberry, Kindle Fire Android etc using a visual cue. Thousands of Bible verses ready for you or create your ...

Bible Memory App: Remember Me

A short demonstration of the Remember Me app to get you started with your first Bible memory verse. Music by Petru Bradu.

Easy Memory Verse Review with MemLok Bible Memory System

Thousands of cards or add your own. The picture helps start you. You send your review to any mobile device from your desktop. Mac, iPhone, Android, Kindle ...

MemLok Bible Memory Verse Word Pictures

NEW Review on any MOBILE device! Smartphone or Tablet. iPad, iPhone, Android, Blackberry. Install on your PC - then upload. Review on a MAC!

Xcode 4 - How to upload an iPhone or iPad app to the iTunes app store

This video shows me going through the actual process of uploading one of my iPhone apps to the iTunes store using iTunes Connect. If this video was helpful to ...