Bible Memory

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The Bible Memory app for the iPhone and iPod touch helps you build your Bible knowledge and strengthen your faith by memorizing scripture.

Bible Memory not only helps you memorize verses, it builds a support system for your study of scripture.
-Set an alert to remind you that it’s time to study.
-Identify up to three Bible study partners to notify of your progress and help you stay accountable.
-Automatic quizzes test your retention of previously memorized verses.
-Metrics provide visual feedback on your progress overall, by category, and by retention quiz results.
-Share any verse with integrated email.

Bible Memory is the first app for the iPhone and iPod touch that helps you to memorize scripture by guiding you through regular practice. Each Bible verse is presented in three learning modes:
-Read the Bible verse. Over 250 categorized verses in four translations are included or you can add your own verses.
-Review the verse a phrase at a time, as you practice your ability to recall the words of scripture.
-Test your memory with three rounds of timed, fill-in-the-blank quizzes that become progressively more difficult. Quiz includes both the text and the verse reference.

Mark completed verses as memorized or study further. You can work through the verses in Bible order, or focus your study on particular categories or books.

Bible Memory was designed and developed with the help of Hawk Ridge Consulting, LLC.

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